Last update: November 17, 2023

Making a new design


Anybody who has tried to build freely with a limited stone set knows that making a new design isn't as easy as it may look. One runs soon out of certain stones like special arches while other stones cannot find a place in the building. The presence of an almost equal quantity of yellow and red stones further complicates the job. Under these circumstances it is hard to come to aesthetically satisfying building while using at least 75% of the number of available stones.

Nevertheless, the BiK site is full of fine, often breath-taking designs using sometimes over 95% of the stone quantity. This is all the result of the tedious labour of an endlessly optimizing by talented designers. Still, if you want to make the try, you can find the BiK criteria hereunder:

  1. It should be possible to build the design exclusively with the stone set it is intended for.
  2. Not less than 75% of the stones is used. However, this rule may be softened under special circumstances, like a building with a flat roof, causing the roof stones to be unused.
  3. The building should have sufficient stability.
  4. It should be possible for the average Ankerfriend to erect the building without requiring extreme dexterity. The proverbial "Anker hand" is allowed.
  5. The building should be aesthetically satisfactory.

Once you still believe to have succeeded in making a valuable new design, you may contact for review.